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BREAKING: SM Entertainment announces Jessica will no longer be part of Girls’ Generation



Earlier today, Jessica made a post on her Weibo revealing that she was being kicked out of Girls’ Generation. Now, SM Entertainment has released a statement on the matter. 

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Well, that’s the worst way to start the day. Last night, I really thought she was just being hacked. Turned out she wrote that message herself…

Bad move, SM. Bad move. How can you kick out Sica !? She was actually my first kpop crush…

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My parents could have at least bought me Asian food… I’ve been starving all day!
I fucking hate McDonalds …

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Mountain Sunset by Leigh MacArthur

So, I’m spending my day stuck in my house. There’s no way for me to go out. Thank God I don’t have any class to attempt..

I’m stuck in the first floor of my house because we’re redoing the floor on the ground floor and right now, it’s full of cement and my shoes will get stuck if I walk on it.

I survived all day, but now, I’m kinda hungry and the fridge is in the garden… How long am I gonna starve ? Dry quickly cement !!

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como viver em um mundo sem essa amizade!? T_T

South Korea by mic00l

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